When you finish with an addiction treatment program, it might be helpful for you to attend AA meetings. While this can be scary for some, it can be beneficial to know more about these meetings. Some people want to know how long they will last and others want to know more about what they can expect during the meetings as well. If you keep reading here today, you can find out this information.

Length of Time for AA Meetings

When it comes to talking about AA meetings, one of the first things many people want to know is how long the meetings are going to be. The truth is there isn’t just one exact time for all of the meetings. While most of the AA meetings will last an hour, this can change. Some of them are only 45 minutes, while others can run a couple of hours with an intermission in between. Generally, if there are speakers, the meetings may run a little longer as well. While this may not be the most helpful, it is important that you know, people can get up and leave the meeting without any explanation. If you have somewhere else to be and the meeting is running late, you can get up and leave.

First AA Meeting

If you have never attended an AA meeting before, congratulations on making it to this step in your recovery. There are many meetings you can attend, some in churches and others in a local community center or building. When you arrive at the meeting, you will be in a room with other recovering alcoholics. Sometimes there is coffee and snacks. Other times people may be talking to one another and getting ready for the meeting. You might be sitting in a circle or around a table. You might be sitting in rows of chairs. Depending on which meeting you choose, there may be a speaker as well.

Workings of the AA Meetings

Most AA meetings will start with someone reading over the AA Preamble. There will likely be a prayer for the group, possibly by using the Serenity Prayer. You don’t have to recite the prayer if you choose not to. Someone might read some AA literature and the Twelve Traditions. The person running the meeting will ask first-timers if they want to introduce themselves. You can just state your first name or you can go into detail about your addiction.

The next portion of the meeting may be working on a specific Step. Depending on which meeting you attend, the Step may be read from the Chapter in the Big Book. Some people may share their experience regarding the use of this Step as well. The purpose of sharing is to provide hope, strength, and experience with the rest of the group.

Meeting Formats

Not every meeting is going to be the same. The changes may take place depending on the type of meeting you attend, where you attend, how many people are present, whether there are speakers, and more. Some people might be called upon randomly to speak, there might be a speaker, or you might hear people sharing their stories going around the room. Generally, there is a prayer at the end of the meeting.

Benefits of AA Meetings

You have already read some of the benefits of AA meetings. The sharing of hope, strength, and experiences are some of the biggest benefits. However, it is important to know that you are not alone. That is part of what these meetings are all about. They help you feel included in a recovery community. They help you feel joined together with others who get you. This can be a major benefit to helping you stay sober. In some meetings, people can sign their name on a piece of paper so others can call them if they need extra support. This may be something you want to do as well.

Times These Meetings Take Place

Whether you have finished an alcohol rehab program or you just want to start the recovery process now, you can attend AA meetings practically every day. In some cities, they have these meetings many times throughout each day. You can usually find them 7 days a week in most cities. If you want to find more of the AA meetings that are in your area, you can easily search on Google for AA meetings in your city. You may find many lists of these meetings and there are some meetings online as well.

AA meetings have benefited millions of alcoholics who needed to recover from their addiction. If you are wondering whether they will help you as well, you can try out a few to see what they are like. There is no pressure and everyone will treat you as a member of the recovery community. Remember, everyone there has been through similar experiences as you, so they understand what you are going through.

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