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Drug use and abuse remain a major problem for a large part of the population in the United States. Alcohol, methamphetamine, and marijuana top the list in availability and number of users both nationally and in the different states. While different states attribute their addiction problems to different drugs, these three remain a major national problem.

In the state of Oklahoma, marijuana tops the list as the most widely available and most used substance of abuse. According to the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health And Substance Abuse Services, Oklahoma falls second nationwide in drug abuse prevalence, with over 10% of residents falling prey to the scourge of drug abuse.

The high prevalence of substance abuse is, however, faced with an even greater unmet need for rehabilitation and detoxification services.

What to Look for in an Oklahoma Drug Rehab

There are several drug rehab facilities in Oklahoma. All of them offer the same level of treatment and care, but they are all different from each other. Some offer holistic treatment programs. Others prefer using 12-step rehab treatment for substance addiction. Before enrolling in a treatment program, it is important to research the best drug rehab center Oklahoma for your treatment needs. For example, if you have underlying mental health issues that are contributing to your addiction, then you need a facility that offers dual diagnosis and treatment.

You can look for facilities that have programs that include family members of people with substance abuse disorders. This is because you will need the support of your loved ones in your journey to sobriety once you come out of rehab.

Benefits of Addiction Centers in Oklahoma

In 2017, 388 people died from a drug overdose in Oklahoma. The substance abuse epidemic in Oklahoma cannot be ignored. Fortunately, there are several Oklahoma drug rehab centers offering treatment to people with substance abuse disorder. They are helping people to resume their normal lives and enjoy the quality of life they should have.

One of the benefits of drug addiction centers in Oklahoma is that they offer comprehensive treatment programs to those looking to put their addiction behind them. Oklahoma drug rehab centers have 12-step rehab programs, non-12-step treatment, and holistic treatment among other programs that are very beneficial to patients.

Most of the treatment facilities have programs to not only help patients rid their systems of the substances but also help them heal mentally and emotionally. Substance abuse disorder can be emotionally draining, and there is the risk of relapse if that is not addressed during treatment. Family members can also receive counseling to help them be a strong support system for the patient during recovery.

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What to Expect at Your Oklahoma Rehab

Your journey to recover from substance abuse starts with choosing an Oklahoma drug and alcohol rehab center. The state requires all drug rehab centers in Oklahoma to hire competent staff who can handle different kinds of substance addiction. However, you need to find out if the staff is specifically experienced in treating the substance you are struggling with. If you will need mental health treatment, you will have to find out if they have the credentials to provide that.

Ensure that you go through the treatment program with the facility so that there are no surprises once you check-in. You should clearly have in mind what the treatment program entails, how your treatment will be scheduled, and what you will need to do on your part to make the treatment a success. Find out how the treatment program will be personalized to suit your condition and treatment needs.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Addiction Treatment

When signing up for an Oklahoma drug rehab facility, you will have to make a choice between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. In most cases, this will depend on your level of addiction. However, there are other factors to put into consideration too. For example, do you need time away from your current environment to heal from your addiction? You may also need to be in a controlled environment with scheduled activities that will ensure you are always occupied. Generally, inpatient treatment programs have more advantages than outpatient treatment programs.

However, if your addiction isn’t intense and you can continue with your daily routine, then you can opt for outpatient treatment programs where you attend treatment sessions on a schedule.

Understanding Your Rehab Options

Rehab facilities in Oklahoma have different treatment options for different kinds of substance addiction. Generally, people suffering from alcohol abuse will need different treatment programs from those struggling with illicit drug addiction. You can rest assured that Oklahoma drug rehabilitation centers have the right treatment options for whichever kind of addiction you are struggling with.

Some of the most common treatment options include 12 step rehab, non-12 step rehab, holistic treatment, faith-based treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment. You should first discuss with the facility which treatment option would be best for you.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Sometimes, in order to completely heal, you need to stay away from your current environment. That is why it is sometimes recommended for people suffering from a substance abuse disorder to seek treatment far away from home. In the event of such, you just need to have everything taken care of before you check into rehab.

Paying for Rehab

The state of Oklahoma has put aside a huge sum of money toward the goal of curbing addiction. As such a huge percentage of people can comfortably afford to seek treatment for addiction without having to worry about the price tag attached to it.

You should know that many addiction treatment programs accept many different kinds of insurance. So you won’t have to worry about covering the cost of rehab on your own. Even better is that many of these facilities have pros who know the ins and outs of insurance coverage so that you don’t have to worry about navigating these murky waters on your own.

There are also other options for payment that are well worth looking into. Even if you’re worried about the cost of treatment, it’s well worth it to make the call to a good addiction treatment facility to discuss what choices you have when it comes to covering the cost of rehab in Oklahoma.


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