Rehabs that Allow Cell Phones: Are Phones Allowed During Treatment?

Addiction is a big problem in the United States. A total of 63,632 deaths caused by drug overdose have been reported in 2016 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Also, 88,000 people die annually from alcohol-related causes.

Giving up drugs and alcohol and turning your back away from addiction can be difficult. Like a chronic disease, addiction to drugs and alcohol can be treated. Undergoing addiction treatment should not be as difficult as suffering from drug and alcohol addiction itself.

There are various treatments available, and recovery processes may include being admitted into a drug rehabilitation facility (oftentimes, limiting the use of cell phones and laptops), which allows patients to recover from addiction through different rehabilitation programs and therapies in a rehab lockdown.  However, undergoing drug and alcohol addiction therapy can be challenging, as patients feel like they are deprived of their personal freedoms due to the restricted use of laptops and cell phones.

Can you have a phone in a rehab?

Typically, some treatment centers enforce strict rehab program and include drug rehabilitation facility lockdown and cell phone rehab lockdown as part of their therapy, believing that it is the most effective way to recover from addiction. This includes restricting patients to use their laptop or cell phone, cutting off some communications and personal activities. A laptop lockdown and cell phone lockdown give a feeling of total isolation as patients’ way to communicate outside is hindered.

However, we believe that life should not be severely disrupted if somebody goes through addiction recovery. Our drug and alcohol rehabs are a laptop-friendly facilities, that also allows cell phone usage. This will allow you to handle and monitor personal matters while receiving addiction treatment in a rehab facility

Mobile and Laptop Friendly Rehab Center

The therapy and stay inside a drug rehab facility usually take about 30 days, often times without communication with the outside world. The rehab lockdown may give patients a feeling of isolation as they undergo their addiction treatment. Research shows that social isolation impacts a person both emotionally and physically.

A well-developed relapse prevention plan ensures success in addiction therapy as it aids against future regression of addiction of patients. Total isolation is not necessary for successful recovery. According to NIDA, progressive evaluation and appropriate modification of therapy are required for successful treatment. We help clients recover and get back to their normal life outside, without feeling overwhelmed due to isolation while in therapy.

Technology Friendly Rehab Center Benefits

Our rehab centers provide comfortable, secure, and safe treatment  which:

  • Dos do not have secret fees and hidden costs. Pricing is provided upfront.
  • Helps you enjoy an amazingly affordable, luxurious rehab facility.
  • Has facilities with private rooms, as well as rooms that can be shared with other patients for those who prefer to have roommates.
  • Offers a flexible length of stay with other options for those who need to adjust their stay where patients can use their cellphone and laptop.
  • Allows cell phones and gives on-site detox as part of the treatment. Options also include a unique week-long program or a two-week program.
  • Offers a flexible approach to treatment, such as choosing from a number of non 12 step rehab programs, while using their laptop and cell phone.
  • Gives one-on-one intensive therapy. Counseling sessions and individualized treatment programs that are provided by medical professionals and counselors.

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