LegitScript Certified Rehabs

Scroll to the bottom of Sunshine Behavioral Health’s website (or any of its four rehab treatment facilities) and you’ll see a little blue circle with a green line across it. That’s much more than a shiny badge, however. It means Sunshine Behavioral Health has gone the extra mile in credibility by becoming LegitScript certified. That emblem lets a company stand out in a really good way.

By meeting the credentials of LegitScript, a Portland, Oregon-based verification and moderating firm, Sunshine is complying with current laws and regulations.

It means we’ve done our homework. The drug rehab completion certificate means we can offer a safer, more secure experience for our clients.

LegitScript is a third-party advertiser vetting expert that works with certain segments of the health care sector, including:

  • Drug and addiction rehab programs (including inpatient, outpatient, and residential)
  • Support services (including sober living homes and mutual help centers)
  • Crisis hotlines for alcohol and drug addiction
  • Lead generators and referral agencies

In addition to addiction services, LegitScript also certifies other businesses that are related to health and wellness, including:

  • CBD merchants and manufacturers
  • Eyewear shops
  • Pharmacy and telemedicine merchants
  • Supplement sales sites

By becoming LegitScript certified, we are allowed to advertise our services on platforms such as  Facebook, Google, and Bing. Many large credit card companies and regulators demand the type of certification that LegitScript provides. Platforms may remove campaigns if an addiction treatment facility does not have LegitScript certification.

Centers, manufacturers, and retailers must also remain compliant with existing laws in order to hold onto LegitScript’s emblem of approval.

LegitScript has worked with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), which provides leadership, support, and training to ensure the highest quality addiction treatments. Together NAATP and LegitScript have drafted 15 standards. Organizations have to meet the standards to qualify for certification.

LegitScript is important when seeking a rehab facility because it means:

  • The center is a legitimate limited liability company (LLC) or corporation
  • It meets licensing regulations in the U.S. state where it operates
  • It has insurance
  • The brick-and-mortar locations of facilities are made public
  • Its incentives have been disclosed

By qualifying for LegitScript addiction certification, a rehab treatment center abides by certain ethical marketing and therapy standards. Drug rehab certification provides protection for consumers as well as for facilities providing legitimate treatment programs.

In an effort to display transparency, LegitScript also allows the general public to check products and websites (daily searches are limited) and to report suspicious websites and facilities. Its work helps to create safer, more reputable rehab centers and to elevate the addiction treatment industry as a whole.


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Medical disclaimer:

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